New Low Carbon AdBlue® Solutions from Commercial Fuel Solutions®


Commercial Fuel Solutions Limited have been supplying AdBlue for over 15 years and has developed a reputation as an authoritative and reliable national supplier.

Recognised for their innovative solutions, which embrace both the reduction of harmful emissions and those which help to protect the environment, Commercial Fuel Solutions® has launched a new range of AdBlue products with reduced environmental impact when compared to other solutions.

2023 has seen the introduction of new packaging options and schemes which reduce both the volumes of virgin plastics as well as the associated lifetime carbon footprint of packed products.

“Everybody knows that the most carbon-efficient way to purchase AdBlue is to operate a bulk storage tank. However, this option requires a significant investment upfront and is not viable for smaller operators who rely on the use of drums and IBCs,” states Robin Futcher, Managing Director.

Robin continues, “So we took it upon ourselves to evaluate options in the market to see both where these products could be improved as well as their associated processes”.

Earlier this year, Commercial Fuel Solutions® took the initiative and moved all AdBlue drum products to use a container which is not only fully recyclable but one which also contains 30% recyclate itself.

This move reduces the carbon impact of each drum supplied by 3.8 kg. As a result of this simple yet effective change, by the end of this year, this initiative will have hopefully prevented over 4 tonnes of CO2e from entering the environment.

In addition to the new lower carbon drums, Commercial Fuel Solutions have amended their IBC supply process to introduce a fair wear and tear policy where they will replace the internal bottle of their customers' IBCs free of charge once it reaches the end of its life. This process reduces the carbon impact by 97.5 kg/CO2e per container lifecycle.

These new packaging options are available immediately from Commercial Fuel Solutions® and can be ordered online through the website;

lower CO2 drums