Sustainable Packaging Policy

We are dedicated to our ongoing commitment to sustainability and reducing our environmental impact at every opportunity. As part of this commitment, we proudly ensure the responsible removal of 100% of the plastic from inbound deliveries, regardless of its recyclability. This approach allows us to confidently dispose of and recycle plastic materials in an appropriate manner, preventing them from contributing to the growing plastic waste problem.

To further enhance our environmental efforts, we have implemented a shift from plastic to sustainable paper and cardboard packaging throughout our operations. All our cardboard packaging is sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified suppliers. This means that the forests from which our packaging materials originate are managed in a manner that safeguards biodiversity, benefits local communities and workers, and maintains economic viability. By utilising FSC-certified packaging, we promote sustainable practices throughout our supply chain and actively support responsible forest management.

In our endeavours to minimise our ecological footprint, we have also made significant changes to ancillary materials. Our documents enclosed wallets and shipping labels are now produced from paper stock, reducing reliance on plastic components. Furthermore, our packing tape is made of paper, and the adhesive used on both the tape and labels is biodegradable and sustainable. These eco-friendly alternatives ensure that even the smallest elements of our packaging contribute to our overarching sustainability goals.

Collaboration with our suppliers is essential to achieving our sustainability objectives. We actively encourage them to adopt similar policies, fostering a collective effort towards reducing plastic waste. By working together, we aim to remove over 99% of plastic from our packaging by the end of 2023, ensuring that our products are delivered in a manner that aligns with our commitment to environmental responsibility.

Through these initiatives and partnerships, we strive to create a more sustainable future, not only for our organisation but for the wider community and the planet as a whole. By consistently seeking innovative solutions and actively engaging in responsible practices, we are making tangible progress towards a greener, more environmentally conscious business model.