AdBlue Shelf Life

The shelf life of AdBlue varies based on storage conditions. 

It is recommended that single-skinned containers of AdBlue are stored indoors or away from direct sunlight so that they are not influenced by the heat generated by solar energy.

The following table details recommended shelf life based on varying storage conditions. 

Storage TemperatureExpected shelf life
< 10°C3 years
< 25°C18 months
< 30°C12 months
< 35°CLess than 6 months
> 35°CNot recommended, check the quality before use

Further details on AdBlue shelf life can be found in section 4.2.2, Table 3 of ISO 22241-3:2017 Diesel engines — NOx reduction agent AUS 32 — Part 3: Handling, transportation, and storage.

AdBlue containers should be clearly labelled with their filling date in all instances. 

Expired AdBlue can cause premature failure of the vehicle's SCR system and should not be used. Vehicles that use AdBlue which have been stood still for extended periods, should have their AdBlue storage tank drained down and flushed through with fresh product.