is AdBlue pig urine?

Just to confirm, AdBlue is not animal urine, we've heard them all over the years, cow urine, pig urine, the craziest one was fish urine (we're still not sure exactly how you would harvest that).

AdBlue is actually a high purity chemically produced carbamide solution dissolved in high purity de-ionised water.

Anything other than a high purity solution will cause the porous head of the SCR to fail just like limescale would in a kettle. Putting urine from any species into your machine's AdBlue tank would cause irreversible damage to the SCR.

We're not sure what pigs' urine looks like once it dries out but we expect it doesn't resemble anything like the white chalky residue which AdBlue leaves behind when it dries out, which incidentally is the part your SCR uses.

We hope this information helps clarify the matter. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any more information.