Hydrogen Solutions

Hydrogen Solutions

Commercial Fuel Solutions Limited have been involved in ensuring the safe integration of Hydrogen into commercial fuelling for several years.

Our Managing Director is a strong advocate for Hydrogen and sits on several technical committees and contributes directly as a working group member to BSI and ISO standards.

As stakeholders in multiple Hydrogen consortiums, we are well placed to help businesses transition over to using gaseous hydrogen safely.

Our portfolio of commercial hydrogen solutions is growing in line with demand, at present we are able to offer Fuel Cell power generators and hydrogen dispensers for refuelling both FCEV and H2ICE vehicles and machinery.

We also offer our own line of gaseous Grade D Hydrogen for stationary and mobile fuel cells, as well as Grade A Hydrogen for internal combustion engines, as required under the ISO 14687 standard.

In preparation for the emergence of commercial hydrogen vehicles in the UK, Cascade fuelling, lubrication-free compressors and PEM electrolysers will be added to our portfolio by 2023.

If you are considering transitioning your fleet to include hydrogen-fuelled solutions, whether it is forklifts, heavy-duty vehicles or NRMM, we welcome you to contact us well in advance of your requirement as the current demand for equipment is high and lead times are increasing.

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