Storage and Dispensing Tanks

Storage and Dispensing Tanks for AdBlue

Storage Tanks for AdBlue®

AdBlue when stored outdoors has a typical shelf life of 6-12 months, in perfect conditions, this can extend to over 18 months.

The freezing point of AdBlue is -11°C, it is imperative that the temperature of the solution does not fall below this critical level as it may damage internal components and cannot be used until fully thawed. Additionally, the maximum fluid temperature should never exceed +30°C as the quality is compromised.

Spanning from 1300 through to 9250 litres capacity, we offer a range of storage solutions designed specifically for storing and dispensing AdBlue.


Tanks are supplied ready to be installed, simply offload and where applicable, connect 230v 13A supply to the switch box on the dispenser. The AdBlue storage tank should be installed onto a suitably prepared base (solid, non-combustible and able to support the weight of the tank when full).

Tanker Access

The storage tank should be installed in a location where filling can take place via our 26000L bulk articulated tankers (44T), ensuring that adequate access and suitable ground is available. The tanker operator (delivery driver) must have a line of sight between the fill point and their tanker controls which are located at the rear of the vehicle. The tanker has a 14m reeling hose.

Tanker dimensions:

2.55 m wide (excluding mirrors)
15.5 m length

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AdBlue® is a trademark of the Verband der Automobilindustrie e.V. (VDA).

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