Long Clawson Dairy onboard with Commercial Fuel Solutions


Long Clawson Dairy Ltd are the latest client to on-board with Commercial Fuel Solutions Limited. 

Recognised for their specialist award-winning cheeses, Long Clawson Dairy turned to Commercial Fuel Solutions to upgrade their fuel storage system which refuels an extensive fleet of delivery vehicles.

Our client, who delivers nationwide, was able to improve fuel efficiency and reduce their fleet operational costs by installing our market leading Tecalemit Fuel Management system.

The Tecalemit HDA fuel management system accurately monitors and controls the fuel storage system, protecting it from unauthorised access, and records each transaction in the process.

Reporting data is uploaded automatically to the cloud, enabling remote monitoring of their fuel assets, including each vehicle's mileage and consumption. 

The alpha numeric keypad is both tactile and resilient, making it an ideal solution for industrial applications. Users are also able to quickly identify themselves with wireless key fobs. 

With increased functionality over other devices, our best-in-class fuel management systems are a popular choice for fleet operators of any size.

Prices start from as low as £595 +VAT, If you are interested in learning more, contact one of our experienced system engineers who can discuss your application in detail and demonstrate the advantages of installing a Tecalemit fuel management system.

Long Clawson Dairy onboard with Commercial Fuel Solutions.