TOMES DETP0812 Diesel Transfer Pump, 12v

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  • Diesel (EN590)
    Gas Oil (BS2869)
    Bio Diesel Blends up to B20
    Suitability: Diesel (EN590)

The TO.ME.S (Tomes) DETP0812 diesel pump is a versatile and reliable fuel pump designed for the efficient transfer of diesel fuel. 

This self-priming vane pump operates seamlessly on a 12v DC power supply, making it a practical choice for a wide range of applications. With an impressive capacity to handle flow rates of up to 81 litres per minute, the TOMES DETP0812 fuel transfer pump is particularly well-suited for high-flow scenarios where mains power is not available.

Crafted primarily from cast iron, this pump boasts durability and sturdiness, making it suitable for demanding environments. Moreover, its built-in features, including a by-pass valve and bleeder valve, enhance its functionality and ease of use. 

The 2-meter cable with an on/off switch adds to the convenience, allowing users to control the pump effortlessly. Whether it's for refuelling vehicles, machinery, or other industrial applications, the TOMES DETP0812 diesel pump is a good choice for those seeking a dependable and efficient 12v diesel transfer pump solution.

    • Weight
      11.3 kg
    • Stock No
  • Manufacturer
  • Product Type
    Transfer Pump
  • Pump Type
    • Pump Mechanism
      Rotary Vane
  • Drive
    • Drive
      12v DC
    • Power
      300 W
    • Current Draw
      60 A
    • Duty Cycle
      30 minutes on/off
    • RPM
    • Switch
  • Performance
    • Flow Rate (Max)
      80 litre/min
    • Viscosity (Max)
      6 cSt
    • Discharge Pressure
      2.5 bar
    • Integral Bypass
    • Self Priming
    • Suction Lift
      3m (300 mbar)
  • Fitting
    • Mounting
      Motor Footplate
    • Inlet Connection
      1" BSP
    • Outlet Connection
      1" BSP
  • Environment
    • Operational Temp (Min)
    • Operational Temp (Max)
  • Compatibility
    • Suitability
      Diesel (EN590), Gas Oil (BS2869), Bio Diesel Blends up to B20
  • Guarantee
    • Guarantee
      1 Year
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