Air 1

Commercial Fuel Solutions Limited are official distributors for Air1 AdBlue products and operate under an exclusive arrangement with global leader Yara to supply their AdBlue and Optispray products here in the UK and Ireland.

We have a wide range of AdBlue solutions available for all areas of industry:

Retail, We stock and distribute the award-winning 3.5 litre pouches, 5 litre and 10 litre canisters in barcoded retail packaging for forecourts and trade distributors. These small packs often yield a large margin and are ever increasingly popular.

Commercial Transport, a wide selection of products spanning from cans, drums, IBCs and even bulk delivery. National coverage and competitive pricing.

Agriculture and NRMM, for these sectors we offer both AdBlue and Optispray products, Optispray has proven an invaluable solution to protect machines operating under low load conditions from issues associated to deposit formation.

Rail, we offer a range of mobile drum solutions that can be refuelled by bulk tanks which enable rapid access on the platform in locations where a delivery tanker could otherwise not reach.  

Marine, Our NOXcare product at 40% concentration is recognised as the industry’s preferred choice for marine and industrial NOx abatement.

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