Exocet Diesel Defender

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    Application: Industrial

In the UK, numerous commercial sites store billions of litres of valuable fuel, worth millions of pounds. However, this stored fuel is highly susceptible to theft, posing a significant risk. The theft can occur either from outside the organisation or more alarmingly, from within.

As of April 1st, 2022, many businesses are no longer allowed to use rebated fuel, commonly known as red diesel or marked gas oil, for their operations. Consequently, the stored fuel now closely resembles regular white diesel used for personal purposes, making stocks of white diesel more vulnerable to theft.

To counteract this issue, Exocet Diesel Defender presents a solution: a liquid blue dye that effectively colours white diesel, transforming it into green fuel. This dye acts as a strong deterrent to potential thieves, as it makes the stolen fuel easily identifiable.

With the implementation of Exocet Diesel Defender and the use of tank stickers (available on request, free of charge), the risk of fuel theft from commercial sites can be significantly reduced, safeguarding valuable resources and deterring potential criminals from committing such acts.

Treatment Ratio 1:10000

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      Industrial, NRMM, Marine, Domestic, Automotive
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      10x 100ml (1 litre), 10x 200ml (2 litre), 1x 1000ml (1 litre), 2x 1000ml (2 litre), 4x 500ml (2 litre), 5 Litre
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