Tank Alarms

Tank Level Alarms

Tanks alarms provide an additional layer of protection for monitoring fuel levels in a storage tank, their functionality enables them to operate separately from the tank level gauging system and act as a failsafe in the event of level gauge failure.

Several types of tank level alarms exist.

Overfill alarm, an overfill alarm is a high-level warning device that indicates when the tank level is reaching full. An audible and visual warning signals to the delivery operator when to stop filling.

Bund alarm, also referred to as a leak alarm in some instances, a bund alarm is an additional safety device where the sensor is installed within the secondary containment system.

Low-level alarm, low-level alerts are often required in mission-critical installations where fuel depravity could have repercussions. They also serve as a reminder to re-order fuel in good time and prevent costly urgent deliveries.  

Combined level alarm, a tank alarm that combines two or more of the above functions.

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