e-power® 45 kVA Hydrogen Engine Driven Power Generator (H2ICE)

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    Hydrogen Gas (Grade D)
    Hydrogen Gas (Grade F1)
    Hydrogen Gas (Grade F2)
    Suitability: Hydrogen Gas (Grade A)
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Introducing the e-power® E45 hydrogen power generator.

A unique device with cutting-edge design. The E45 is a 45 kVA Hydrogen Combustion Engine (H2ICE) Electrical Power Generator, a revolutionary product available exclusively from Commercial Fuel Solutions Limited that redefines the standards for clean, efficient, and cost-effective energy generation. Distinguished by its innovative use of a hydrogen combustion engine, this generator sets itself apart from conventional fuel cell technologies, offering a robust solution for a wide array of power needs with significantly lower capital expenditure (CAPEX).

The 45 kVA H2ICE Generator harnesses the power of hydrogen through the combustion process, delivering reliable electrical power without the emissions associated with traditional fossil fuel-based generators. This approach not only ensures near zero emissions* but also capitalises on the cost advantages when using hydrogen as a fuel source. Unlike systems based on fuel cell technology, our H2ICE generator is less susceptible to impurities in the hydrogen supply, ensuring long-term reliable operation and reducing the overall cost of fuel per kilogram. This makes the E45 hydrogen power generator an affordable choice for businesses and operations seeking to minimise their environmental impact through the power of hydrogen.

Designed for durability and ease of maintenance, the E45 H2ICE Electrical Power Generators' robust design is suited for a variety of applications, from industrial use to emergency backup power, ensuring that mission-critical operations remain uninterrupted. The generator's reduced fuel costs, combined with its environmental benefits, position it as an optimal solution for forward-thinking enterprises aiming to achieve sustainability goals without compromising on power or performance.

In summary, the 45 kVA H2ICE Electrical Power Generator represents a leap forward in hydrogen power technology, providing a cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and high-performing power generation solution. With its lower CAPEX, resilience to fuel impurities, and reduced fuel costs, it stands as a superior choice for organisations looking to invest in the future of hydrogen energy.

The purchase of an E45 power generator also includes the following services:

  • Site safety risk assessment and validation of site suitability.
  • DSEAR risk assessment integration, zoning diagrams and compliance checks.
  • Installation and commissioning.
  • Training, permit to work and safe operating systems overview.
  • Service, maintenance, and emergency call-out are included within the warranty period.

Emissions rating:


CO (ppm)

CO2 (% vol)

O2 (% vol)

NOx (ppm)

THC (ppm)






- 0.004






- 0.008

31 kW





- 0.006

36 kW





- 0.007

    • Weight
      1650 kg
    • Stock No
  • Manufacturer
    e-Power ®
  • Product Type
  • Generator Type
    • Installation
    • Drive Technology
    • Engine
      Ford V6 Hydrogen Combustion Engine
  • Performance
    • Output voltage
      230v / 400v AC (50/60 Hz)
    • Prime Running Power
      40 kVA
    • Emergency Standby Power
      45 kVA
    • Continuous Running
    • Life Span
      12,000 hr
  • Fuel Supply
    • Fuel Type
      Class I, Grade F2 Gaseous Hydrogen
    • Inlet Pressure (Max)
      200 bar
    • Consumption
      Varies dependent on output
  • Environment
    • IP Class
    • Operating Temp (Min)
    • Operating Temp (Max)
  • Compatibility
    • Suitability
      Hydrogen Gas (Grade A), Hydrogen Gas (Grade D), Hydrogen Gas (Grade F1), Hydrogen Gas (Grade F2)
  • Certification
    • Standards
  • Guarantee
    • Guarantee
      1 Year
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