Hoses and Hose Assemblies

Hoses and Hose Assemblies

Correct hose selection is not only essential to ensure a satisfactory flow rate, but is also necessary to prevent premature wear, maintain flexibility and enable your system to operate with minimal effort. Important factors that should not be overlooked when selecting your hose or hose assembly include:

• Checking the chemical compatibility so that the hose does not swell, distort or perish.

• Ensuring that the bend radius enables the coiled assembly to be retained correctly within any cabinet or hose reel.

• That the hose and any assembled fittings are suitably rated for the application, this includes pressure rating and anti-static properties.

We stock and distribute hoses and hose assemblies from leading manufacturers, including Alfagomma, Parker, Goodyear and Elaflex which are suitable for a wide number of refuelling applications, including chemically resistant AdBlue hoses and anti-static fuel hose assemblies.

In addition to our online portfolio, we are also able to produce custom order hose assemblies with tagged, tested and certified.

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