AdBlue in IBC's

AdBlue in IBC's

The 1000L IBC offers a flexible solution to any enterprise with a growing fleet.

By storing and dispensing Air1 from IBC’s you have the provision to store volumes of AdBlue in easy to manage containers. Each IBC is the size of a standard Pallet and can be easily shipped between depots.

This flexibility allows you to purchase AdBlue at a discounted rate (approximately half the price compared to 10L cans) and distribute it as required.

There are several ways of transferring from the IBC, click here to see our various ranges of dispensing equipment.

IBC’s are returnable and will be collected between each delivery so there is no need to commit to a static storage tank until your fleet reaches a justifiable size.

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ADB1000 Air1 AdBlue, 1000L IBC (Returnable Container)
  • £995.00
RHP380 AdBlue IBC Hand Pump Dispensing Kit
  • £189.95
1PAL AdBlue Refractometer, Urea Concentration Test
  • £495.00
25226001 FMT AdBlue IBC Pump Kit, Manual Nozzle, 230v
  • 14% discount
  • £332.00
AGK003P AdBlue Gravity Feed Hose Kit for IBC's
  • £68.00