Diesel Tank Gauges

Diesel Tank Level Gauges

Diesel is a ground polluting fluid and faces uncapped fines from the environment agency if released into the environment. Additionally, diesel is a high-value asset which is often subject to fuel theft.

Regulation 6 of DSEAR (Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmosphere Regulations) require diesel fuel stocks to be limited to the minimum amount required, subsequently a suitably calibrated diesel tank level gauge allows for correct stock management and forms an essential factor within your diesel tank risk assessment.

Correct diesel tank stock management allows you to plan deliveries, monitor usage and detect anomalies in your stock profile that could indicate a leak or unauthorised access.

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C2020-A-C23 OLE C2020 Tank Level Gauge with Alarm
  • £495.00
  • excluding VAT

OAB4000 Hydrostatic Tank Contents Gauge, 0-100%
  • £119.00
  • excluding VAT

WM-STD Oil Watchman Sonic (Box of 20 units)
  • £1788.75
  • excluding VAT

F0075510D PIUSI OCIO Tank Level Gauge, 230v
  • £348.00
  • excluding VAT

OAB3320 Ascending Clock Contents Gauge, 0-2m Adjustable
  • £69.00
  • excluding VAT

Z5020-1A-ATEX-A12 OLE Z5020 ATEX Tank Level Gauge with Alarm
  • £1365.50
  • excluding VAT

F0075501B PIUSI OCIO Tank Level Gauge, 110v
  • £373.00
  • excluding VAT