Tank Contents Gauges

Tank Contents Gauges

Tank level gauging is an essential requirement to monitor stocks correctly.

An accurate tank level gauge reduces the risk of over-ordering fuel and minimises the chance of overfilling. Correct tank management also allows you to plan deliveries, monitor usage and detect anomalies in your stock profile.

Within this section, you will find a variety of tank gauges and level alarms suitable for fuel, oil and AdBlue storage.

Hydrostatic level gauges use hydrostatic pressure and a balancing chamber to calculate the tank level, sometimes referred to as a pneumatic level gauge.

Ultrasonic level measurement is a contact-free device that is suitable for most fluids and is non-intrusive.

Pressure transducers involve a sensor submerged at the bottom of the tank which transmits either a 4-20mA or 0-10v signal to a hard-wired display, these items are highly configurable and often include alarm functions and signal outputs.

Tank alarms utilise a float system that is compatible with the viscosity and density of the specified fluid, in mission-critical systems a tank alarm that is independent of the level gauge is recommended.

Please contact our technical sales team if you are uncertain as to which gauging solution best meets the demands of your application.

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