Automatic Nozzles

Automatic Nozzles

Spill free transfer into the delivery vehicle is reliant on an Automatic delivery nozzle where the supply of fuel is isolated as soon as the liquid level reaches the tip of the spout.

We stock a wide range of automatic refuelling nozzles suitable for a wide range of applications including Commercial Fleet, Aviation, Tanker, Domestic, motorsport & Marine.

Extremely efficient solutions to minimise pressure loss from Elaflex, Robust durable failsafe models from Husky and cost-effective reliability from PIUSI.

View our range of automatic nozzles for fuels and AdBlue below. 

Automatic nozzles require a pumped, steady stream of pressurised flow to function correctly, gravity systems do not have adequate pressure and pulsed flow from an air pump causes the mechanism to trip prematurely. 

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