Hydrogen Dispensers

Hydrogen Dispensers

In most instances, you do not pump hydrogen, this is a common misconception. When in its gaseous form, dispensing hydrogen into the vehicle or machine is actually a process where gas under high pressure is transferred in a controlled manner into a vessel previously containing a lower pressure. No pumping takes place.

Balancing the pressure into the vehicle or machine tank requires precision control, and in some instances, pre-cooling, so as to not create complications associated with heat and overpressure.

Designed, engineered and tested in accordance with ISO 19880, our H35 hydrogen dispenser is targeted toward commercial fuelling and is suitable for 35 MPa transfers in a controlled manner that minimises risk.

Models are available that differentiate between cascade fuelling, buffer storage and direct compression systems. Suitable for both Type I, Grade D Gaseous hydrogen for fuel cell applications and Grade A hydrogen for internal combustion engines.

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