Tanker Bulk Meters

Bulk Tanker Metering

Tuthill precision meters for bulk transfer applications. Each bulk tanker meter provides high accuracy performance with the minimal number of moving parts ensuring smooth operation and unrivalled accuracy.

Capable of meeting the demands outlined by National Weights and Measures Laboratories and the Measuring Instruments Directive, bulk tanker metering models within this range are approved for resale purposes.   

Available with either mechanical or electronic registers these bulk tanker meters can be assembled to suit the most demanding operational requirements as they are able to measure high volume transfers within a ± 0.175% tolerance and are certified for custody transfer under the MID directive. 

Accessories include air-separators, ticket printers, batch controllers and preset valves to further enhance your bulk transfer processes. 

Stocked, Distributed and Serviced under licence in the UK by Commercial Fuel Solutions Limited as authorised representatives of the Tuthill, Fill Rite and Sotera Brands.

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