Golden Rod Fuel Filters

Golden Rod Diesel Fuel Filters

GoldenRod is globally acknowledged as a premier brand of diesel fuel filters, stemming from the Dutton-Lainson group. Based in Nebraska, USA. 

Established in 1886, Dutton-Lainson transitioned from agricultural goods manufacturing to wholesale trading in 1920. Today, they are recognised as a leading manufacturer of high-quality products across marine, agricultural, industrial, and automotive sectors worldwide, including the esteemed range of GoldenRod fuel tank filters. 

GoldenRod fuel filters are specifically designed to eliminate particles or water content from diesel, kerosene, and biofuel fuel dispensing and storage systems. Popular within the agricultural sector, the success of Golden Rod diesel fuel filters is attributed to their low minimum flow capacity, making them ideal for both gravity-fed and pumped refuelling systems. 

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