COSSU Consumer Operated Self Service Unit

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Consumer demand for AdBlue is increasing, currently, 2 million cars and 1.5 million vans in the UK require regular AdBlue replenishment, by the year 2025 the number of cars and vans requiring AdBlue will exceed 5 million.

Launched at the Forecourt exhibition in April 2017, the COSSU unit is a revolution in AdBlue dispensing. Designed from the outset to increase profitability, minimise disruption to your operations and reduce waste plastic product, the COSSU system delivers a simple, yet uniquely patented solution to your consumer dispensing needs.

By installing a COSSU at your retail premises you will;


Increase Merchandising Revenue,
The token-operated systems ensure customer interaction with your store enabling upselling of merchandise. Alternatively, a contactless payment option is available for un-attended stations.

increase profit

Improve Profitability,
Not only will the COSSU increase your profit margin on AdBlue sales when compared to cans/bottles but this unique solution also frees up valuable shelf space.

reduce waste packaging

Reduce/Eliminate Waste Plastic Packaging
Every COSSU dispense replaces one plastic can dispense, by operating a COSSU at your site you will significantly reduce or eliminate the need to use single-use plastic dispensing cans on site.

reduce waiting times

Minimise Fuel Island Waiting Times
The COSSU AdBlue dispenser is located independently from the fuelling island, reducing driver waiting times considerably. A comprehensive SPA certified risk assessment and installation service is available meaning there is usually no need to shut down your fuelling islands.


COSSU AdBlue Dispensing Tower for Cars 230v, available as token-operated or NAYAX payment gateway system. The uniquely patented COSSU system enables consumers to self-service their AdBlue in the same manner as they currently do with other self-service machines (ie: Air, Vacuum, Jet wash, etc) by either purchasing a token from the kiosk or by using the optional NAYAX contactless payment system.

This unique AdBlue vending system enables the site operator to sell a single dispense of AdBlue over a predefined period of either 45, 60, 90 or 120 seconds at a rate of up to 8 litre/min. The recommended dispense for most common SCR enabled passenger cars is 5 litres over 60 seconds, for light commercial vehicles, the system can be adjusted to deliver up to 16 litres over 120 seconds. This enables the operator to define the retail volume and price to suit their preferences. Multiple value vends can be assigned to both the Token and Nayax payment systems.

As the COSSU is located away from the fuelling islands, disruption to the flow of traffic through the fuelling lanes is minimised. For high volume sites the COSSU system can be connected to either a new or existing AdBlue storage tank and for those sites which have lower demand, a drum storage solution is available.

The filling interface is engineered to the industry standard ISO 22241-5 for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. The delivery hose is held suspended with a spring mast to reduce wear and eliminate trip hazards.

Installation Options
Installation is optional*, each COSSU, can be either connected to your existing tank or an independent bunded tank can be supplied.

* Installation is subject to certain site conditions and restrictions, contact our COSSU support team to discuss your application in more detail.

    • Weight
      45 kg
    • Stock No
  • Product Type
  • Pump Type
    • Pump Mechanism
  • Drive
    • Drive
      230v AC (50Hz)
    • Current Draw
      8 A
    • Duty Cycle
      20 minutes on/off
  • Performance
    • Flow Rate (Max)
      9 litre/min
    • Viscosity (Max)
      6 cSt
    • Discharge Pressure
      3.5 bar
    • Integral Bypass
    • Self Priming
    • Anti-siphon
  • Fitting
    • Mounting
      Floor Standing
    • Inlet Connection
      1" BSP
    • Outlet Connection
      ¾" BSP
  • Environment
    • IP Rating
    • Operational Temp (Min)
    • Operational Temp (Max)
  • Accessories
    • Flow Meter
      Electronic Meter
    • Delivery Hose
      6m Hose
    • Nozzle Type
      Automatic Nozzle
    • Nozzle Holster
      Yes (Incl. switch)
  • Compatibility
    • Suitability
      AdBlue (ISO22241)
  • Certification
    • Standards
      ISO 22241-3
  • Guarantee
    • Guarantee
      1 Year
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